Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Seven Artists In My Coterie

When I do my art, I always like to keep in mind the artists whose work I admire. My friend, New Zealand artist Felicity Bergstrom nee Deverell, even recommended to me that I take a piece of work from an artist I admire and copy it stroke for stroke, as well as I can. Though I haven't been so bold as all that, I continuously refresh my inspiration by flipping through books whose illustrators I admire, and following living-breathing artists on Instagram and Facebook. Some of these artists, of course, my style is nothing like, but there is a coterie of artists from whose work mine takes courage and flavor. Of course I'll never thoroughly emulate any of them, nor would I want to. I like learning from what made them successful, though, and what made them a name in the art-world. Since I enjoy working in and do work almost exclusively in watercolor, pencil, and pen-and-ink, the illustrators I chose for this post are artists whose work mine approaches in media if not finesse of technique. Therefore, if I was able to achieve my imaginary "perfect style," it would be a mashup of:

Tasha Tudor

Beatrix Potter

Robert Lawson

Ernest H. Shepherd

Inslee Fariss nee Haynes

Which artists compose your coterie?


  1. That is a lovely idea to emulate your favorite artist. I was always so afraid of copying, I just never thought to try. There are so many artist who I admire, but I can't seem to come up with a name.

    1. Coming up with names is always a difficulty for me as well, but good associations among childhood favorites are definitely helpful.

  2. All of your favorite artists are very nice. I really like Ernest Shepard (Winnie the Pooh!) and a girl whose art I've seen online, Breezy Brookshire. I don't draw much, but I still love their art.

    1. Loving art is so important, even if one doesn't paint or draw oneself. :)



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