Wednesday, January 6, 2016

For The Gents: Five Reasons To Dress Well

It's January. It's 2016. And maybe there's a guy in your life who has made a resolution to take steps to dressing better and actually caring about his appearance. I know a lot of guys who don't care at all, but I also know some who want to care but don't know where to start. One of my lesser-known and infrequent hobbies is taking a willing fellow in hand and helping him format his own personal style. I'm in the middle of such a project right now. Helping to style a person a small way in which I can help someone who is seeking to branch out in his identity. At times we all need someone who can help us along a new and somewhat scary path...I'm forever thankful for my friend, Joanna, who taught me that dressing stylishly was okay and how to do it well. So for the fellow who's on the fence about whether he even wants to pay attention, here are five reasons to care:

Dressing Well: Why A Guy Should Bother

On the three occasions when my sisters and I have had an opportunity to (briefly) travel through Europe, one thing in particular stood out: we hardly noticed even one unattractive man. At first we felt like the European gene pool must just be a heck of a lot better than that in the US. Then we realized this was not so: it's just that the men in Europe, far more than our American brothers, take care with their appearance. Once we had this hypothesis nailed down, we tested it by looking strictly at the physical features of the men we admired in was confirmed: it's not so much that they were so physically attractive as that they presented the best versions of themselves. The man with the lumpy nose and compact figure could look just as classy as the GQ model in first-class because he combed his hair and wore good shoes and a blazer that fit right.

Why is it so much easier for men to find a woman they think is beautiful than it is for women to find a man they find handsome? Just this: the majority of women dress themselves carefully for the day and the majority of men do not. So for the man who wants to change the status quo, here are five reasons to dress well:

  1. It sets you apart – The well-dressed man is a rare creature. When I see one, I notice. This principle gives guys a leg up in the world: you'll present the best version of yourself and in return, people will treat you as that best version.
  2. It inspires self-confidence – I don't care what you think before finding clothes that make you feel spiffy. Afterward, you'll be walking with your head held high, feeling like a toned-down James Bond. The satisfaction of a good outfit isn't a feeling set apart for women: men have as much a right to feel great as the ladies. Take a little time in the morning (which is still ¼ of the time and effort girls put in) and you'll be thanking yourself by the time you leave the house.
  3. It provides variety with minimal commitment – By tailoring your tastes a little bit and replacing worn-out, style-less items in your dresser with things you actually want to wear, you set yourself up for daily success. If you want to try something new (a different cut of jeans, shoes of a different color than usual), it's simple choice to buy this instead of that or to skip buying the convenient jacket because you're holding out for what you really want. You might even find a new “signature look” by tweaking a couple things here and there. Furthermore? You'll look fantastic.
  4. It gives you the chance to speak yourself – Style says a lot before you've spoken a word. By being intentional with your appearance, you have the opportunity to tell people a quantity about yourself, your likes, your dislikes, your habits, and the kind of man you intend to be. You've got a body-sized canvas for displaying a message to the world and when you cover it in baggy sweats and stained shirts, you're wasting your opportunity to make a silent, amazing impression. Never underestimate the power of personal style.
  5. It is a mark of character – Now, there are total rakes who dress impeccably. But since style is a handsome form of politeness, I say that real men of character pay attention to it. You're not required to be a dandy or to spend hours in front of a mirror and fifty percent of your budget on clothing. You are required to be sure your clothes are clean, tidy, and fit well. It's the least a man can do to improve Society's scenery.
Thank you to all the men who do care - we notice, and we're grateful for you. 

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  1. I feel like all of these reasons could be applied to girl's as well. I never thought about it much before, but I do think guys would benefit from giving their appearance a little more thought.



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