At Home: My Kitchen Collection

Though I don't subscribe to the whole minimalist aesthetic, I do see the beauty in simplified things. Life is so full of so much. There is a constant stream of information flooding into my mind from the people I encounter, the responsibilities on my plate, and the way I live my life, down to the senseless information stream caught through scrolling mindlessly through Facebook on my phone before bed. So where I can, whether that's cutting off screen-time a half-hour before bed or choosing to read a book rather than look at the tiny updates on 367 friends' lives for the tenth time in the day, I like to simplify. Ever so slowly, that habit is making its way into the future renovation/redecorating project of the bedroom I share with my sister, Sarah. In a very small step toward simplified success, I rearranged my over-flowing, poorly-organized dish cabinet into something I am proud to look at. It's so inspiring to open the doors and not only see all my pretty dishes but to know that they aren't in danger of tumbling out the door whenever I open it. Psssst. My favorite shelf is, predictably, the glitzy corner.

Blue is such a soothing color.

"...of shoes and ships and sealing wax; of cabbages and kings..."


The red section is a little misfit, but see those tiny boxes? They're match boxes and they both come from places in my D.C. and conjure up vivid and wonderful memories, so I adore this corner as well. Beneath these two shelves (the gold section is opposite and adjacent the red), I keep a portion of my sizable teacup collection. The rest have been stuffed in the cabinets downstairs for frequent use. I probably have more dishes to my credit than is perfectly reasonable in a person who still lives at home, but what can I say? I love pretty things. I'm a bit of a magpie. A simplified magpie, but a magpie all the same. 

How have you simplified your life recently?


  1. Confession: before I was married (and lived with my parents) I had most of a kitchen in boxes on top of my wardrobe - almost an 8 place dinner service, two cake stands (one just like your green one but cranberry glass) inherited silver cutlery, numerous cooking oddments. So you are not alone!

    I have to say, your gold corner is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Want!

    1. Katy: I am so pleased to know I am not alone in my kitchen-less kitchen collecting! XD

  2. *writes post about simplifiying*
    *shows magpie-ish collection* XD
    Jokes aside though, this is a very happy post. :) I absolutely love dishes - especially anything gold-tipped. Gahhh. <3

  3. I have a collection of dishes I like, and pick up when it is on sale. And I still live with my parents. ;) I'm now trying to find mix and match antique and cute dishes to add to my collection. That said, I love your little collection!

  4. I love this! I don't regret a single thing I bought for my future home before I was married... If anything, I wish I had bought more, because nowadays I am far too focused on spending money on practical things!!
    Love the way you've arranged everything

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