Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Style-Risks That Became Favorites

This is probably going to be a good year. I know there's a high probability of that being the case because while fishing around in my laptop-tote for a pin, I found a forgotten piece of gum. And that's rare. It's got to be a sign.

This year, unless strongly told to do so by someone whose authority I respect, I'm not going to set official New Year Resolutions. I have a list of things I would like to do and a list of things I would like to Not Do, and for 2016, that's enough. 2016 needs to be a year of taking risks and following each path to its end, of letting God do what He will with me, and pouring my time and energy into the things that are already present in my life. That's 2016, from this end.

This no-resolution things, however, doesn't keep me from continuing traditions. And one new tradition born in 2015 will be continuing into this new year: taking at least one fashion risk. The fun thing about having personal style is that I'm free to run a couple experiments. I can mix patterns and wear things I probably should never have worn in the first place, and since no paparazzi follows me around, the risk I run of any faux pas being immortalized is pretty low. It's this departure from established style that sometimes allows me to try something I might end up loving. 2015 was a good year for risks-turned-rad. Top favorites from the experiment-bin?

Cobalt Blue “Cigarette” Pants

Leopard Print Ballet Flats

The blue pants were an impulse buy at TJ Maxx. I honestly didn't know if I was going to wear them at all, or return them after my infatuation had tempered. Newsflash: I have worn these blue pants to death through the spring, summer, occasionally in the fall, and in this summer-esque winter we've been having. If Christmas is going to feel like it came from Florida, I'm jolly well going to wear what I want, okay? I count this pair of pants the Hero of 2015 Style Moments.

The leopard-print flats were a purchase I had wanted since last year, but couldn't manage to make till this fall. I paid a little more initially than I would have rather, but the cost per wear has already been worth it. I wear these flats with everything from jeans to my LBD, to pairing them with those self-same blue pants. There is scarcely anything, in fact, that they don't coordinate with, which is saying a lot about a busy pattern. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I wear my flats at least three times a week.

I'm so excited to see what style-risks I will take in 2016. All I know is that they're bound to be unexpected! Some of them might even be things I swore I'd never wear...Other highlights of my 2015 style-moments include:

Pattern mixing

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The Romper I Swore I'd Never Try


  1. These are all so cute, I loved the bird print one especially.

  2. Yay for style challenges! I love adventuring out of my comfort zone, especially when it ends in a win. One of my favorite successful style challenges from this year would have to be the plaid pants. I already have a thing with any and every type of pants, why not go plaid too? And they match more things than I thought they would...



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