On My Cooking Wish-List...

Buche de Noel

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I've wanted to make this beauty for years, but Christmas always sneaks up on me before I've had a chance to properly get a handle on how. Or a free weekend, for that matter.But seeing a recipe in the latest edition of Bon Appetit Magazine renewed the desire. Maybe I'll get around to it this season but if not, you can bet it's on my list to be done next year.

Thin Crust Meat-Lovers' Pizza

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Been drooling over this idea since seeing the post from i am a food blog. I'm craving it badly. And Dad is nearly finished turning the first of our pigs into yummy sausage and bacon soooooo....it's probably happening sometime soon. I love pizza of many sorts (and if you're ever in DC, you need to check out We The Pizza), but my favorites are the pickupable pizzas. You know, the slices that can be mobilized to get into your mouth without requiring a fork and knife and a landslide of cheese. I mean, sometimes that's necessary but I prefer a stiff, (preferable wood-fired) bottom crust. Yummmmmmmmm.

Creme Brulee

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By the time this post publishes, I will probably be making creme brulee with my friend, Clara in New Orleans. As soon as I realized that her brother, Ian, had the little blow-torch tool required for making the perfect crackle, I begged him to allow us to make creme brulee. He agreed quite kindly so that's going to happen. I'm so excited.


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EVER since an episode of White Collar in which Neal's idea of a perfect date included heading to his loft apartment to cook a killer paella, I've wanted to make some. It just sounds and looks like something so so classy. I know it could easily become a stupidly expensive recipe due to the high volume of seafood ingredients, but I will make it sometime. Maybe for a small dinner party? It would be the perfect meal for a cozy, grown-up evening in. I'm putting it on the list.

What's on your cooking wish-list?


  1. My French professor was just mentioning Bruche de Noel the other day. It's something I've seen in cookbooks a lot, but I've never had the chance to eat one, much less bake one. :( It looks delicious, though.

    Creme Brulee has also been on my "to-make" list for a very long time as well, but alas, I have no blowtorch. I wish you good luck on your attempt, though! :)

  2. All of these look amazing. But you *MUST* post photos of your Creme Brulee attempt. I was just telling mama last night, (for a multiple time.) that I really want one of those little blowtorches. ;)

  3. Oh, I have wanted to make a cake like that at some point. I am more into baking right now. I want to make German spekalatius cookies, but I want molds to be really "authentic." I have wanted to try for a while to make artisan croissants from an artisan bread book . . . but it is a days long process. Also bagels and pasta carbonara and fish tacos. And this isn't either really cooking or baking, but I am hoarding chocolate for french silk pie (I want to use meringue powder instead of raw eggs).