Steal Her Style: Mindy Kaling Edition

(You guys remember Queen's Pantry, the tea store I reviewed? Well, I got to develop a couple recipes for their official blog and today you can head over there and check out my Pistachio-Chevre Tea Tartlets. Go drool over them, then come back here and read about how I dressed up like a human pinata.)

this is a tea tartlet. not mindy kaling. mindy would probably, however, eat these.

Mindy Kaling is one of those people toward whom I feel a natural infinity. I cannot wait for another quote from The Mindy Project to come through my Pinterest feed, though I've never even watched the show. I watch interviews with her whenever I can, and I'm a huge fan of the idea of she and B.J. Novak getting back together someday. She's hilarious, brilliant, confident, and honest. I want to read her books. I want to be her friend. She wants a good sister-friend. I would be that good sister-friend. But I digress. Another reason I love her so much is that Mindy Kaling is a fellow girl with curves. She is by no means plus-size, but she and I have the exact same shape, only she's more petite. Shapewise, we're both just shy of being an hourglass and just too curvy to be considered a pear. We're both attracted to cute dresses and high heels, bright lipstick and lots of sparkle. Neither she nor I care overly much what people think about our choice to look like an eager pinata half the time. When I started researching "Mindy Style" for today's post, I basically came away with a style theory that says wear what you want - however many patterns and colors and pieces that is - and wear it knowing you rock it.

Mindy Kaling is fearless and bold and makes my outfit choices look drab and uncreative, and I just love her a little bit. I had to dig deep for things wild enough to go to the level of The Mindy Project. A little neon, a lotta print, plenty of smouldery eyeliner and highlighter to get a warm glow, some dark red lipstick, some extra fabulous. So here's my Mindy-inspired outfit. Thanks, girl, for showing us that being 100% ourselves is the best way to be. 

You know what I think my favorite part of this entire outfit is? I was totally wearing the blouse backwards. Which is also 100% Mindy-esque. Talk about coordination.

Also, I think that's BB cream on my skirt. I leaned up against my dresser while putting on makeup. More coordination. I'm telling you, I got Mindy's graceful genes via osmosis.

In my personal style I flip from looking basically Parisian to looking like Elizabeth Burke to doing The Mindy Project thing, depending on my mood. I love putting together this Steal Her Style series because it gives me chances to try new looks. Do you have any more suggestions? Leave a comment below with someone else's style you'd like to see imitated and I'll do my best. 


  1. Those heels look fabulous with the patterned leggings and flowered blouse! And the skirt's perfect for you :)

  2. Very fun combination! I love challenging myself to be more bold and daring with my style, because let's be honest: I'd wear black every day if I didn't. ;)

    I would give you a suggestion, but there are too many good ones to pick. I would love to see one of Kate Middleton, though, if you haven't already done her. Or Blake Lively.

  3. I love that blouse on you!
    I second Carmel--it would be awesome if you could do Kate Middleton. I mean, I know that's a REALLY TALL order, but her style is just so cool and I would love to know more about it.