Six Skills I Want To Learn

It's generally a good idea to keep improving oneself always. I tend to be the kind of person who is always inspired to get wonderful at some sort of skill or another and there isn't a great shortage of ideas. Nevertheless, there are practical skills to learn and skills that would require one to apprentice under artisans in obscure places. Here, then, are six skills I could (conceivably) learn/teach myself:


Tile/Pottery Painting - I am endlessly inspired by mosaics, tiles, and things that are generally way too expensive to put in your house. My thinking is that if I got good at painting and glazing tiles the way I liked, I could afford to make an amazing floor in my future home. I could also customize some pretty great dishes. I wouldn't mind actually learning pottery and ceramics but for now I'm good with the painting end of things.

Perfecting Soft Pretzels - A soft pretzel has to have a crust, you know? You absolutely have to rip it open with your teeth. It isn't all that soft. It needs the almost bagel-like outside. Mine always turn out like glorified yeast rolls and that isn't okay with me. I need to learn this art because several weeks ago I had the epitome of a perfect pretzel, and it was made by home cooks at a farmer's market. It is an attainable skill.

Fashion Illustration - I will, by tooth or claw, manage to get the proportions correct. I find it so difficult to decide what to omit or what to exaggerate or how on earth you draw a leg that long without second-guessing your sanity. Also on the art-list is learning portraiture...otherwise dubbed, "How to draw your friends without alienating their affections."

Low-Light photography - I am endlessly inspired by the photos of food bloggers/stylists such as Eva Kosmas Flores, Beth of Local Milk, and Rebecca Gallop. I'm not sure how their photos get that pewter, earthy flavor, but I adore it. Maybe the light comes differently into their homes/studios? All I know is that my house faces due West and there is ever a honey-like light pouring through.

Contouring - I feel good to go with my lipstick and eye-shadow know-how. What I don't understand worth a lima bean is how to contour and "do the face." Though I don't like using much makeup on my skin (because I feel that it would just clog things up more than naturally happens) I want to know how. So one day when I have a red-carpet occasion, I'll know what the heck I'm doing.

Glass-blowing - I know the art museum in a town not so far away does glass-blowing demonstrations. I actually know a girl who conducts the demonstrations. I'm not sure what I would hope to make by learning how to blow glass, but I think it would be worth it simply to hold that glowing, orange, molten glass on the end of a stick and help something form.

What are some skills you'd like to try?


  1. Those would all be such lovely things to learn. I want to be bilingual. I would also like to perfect cat eye, and learn to play the guitar.

  2. I love your list!!!

    1) Singing. I've always wanted to learn to sing well.
    2) Dancing. Specifically tap dance and line dance.
    3) Better Portrait Photography.
    4) Self-defense, like martial arts or something.
    5) Sketching, specifically people.
    6) The ability to create my own recipes of anything from scratch, just as inspiration hits my brain. Almost there, not quite. :)

  3. I love lists like this! There are several skills I know I wish I had: I've been wanting to take ballroom dancing for years, as well as violin lessons. Self-defense is another one, and while I own a bow and arrows, I haven't had much of a chance to perfect my archery skills. I also need to get back into working on my ability to embroider and crochet.

    And I admit that glassblowing has always appealed to me as well :)

  4. Yeah, I to have know end of ideas of skills (Jane of All Trades), but very little motivation. Also, I have been trying to figure out which ones I really want/need to learn.

    1. I understand the feeling! So just choose one and do it! You'll never regret learning a skill. Don't wait for the perfect choice!

  5. I loved this post...and my mind got to working on your photography question...they're probably making use of reflectors and post-processing color adjustment to achieve their effects.

    Anyway, I am fairly competent at most of the things I like to do. But it would undoubtedly be useful to become a more accomplished seamstress. And becoming graceful and assured at some form of dance would also be great fun.

  6. I loved your list! I wish I could learn to blow glass too :) Some other things I would like to learn to do are:

    1) Dancing. I have no clue. But I wish I did.
    2) Whistle on my fingers. It looks so fun!
    3) Put my long, thick, heavy hair up in such a way that it actually stays up. (All day, mind you :))
    4) Play the guitar.
    5) Write on six different stories at once. But I'm afraid it's not humanly possible :P

    1. Whistling on the fingers would be very VERY useful. My mother can do it.

  7. I know what you mean--it's just so hard to draw actual realistic-looking people! For some reason, I just can't seem to get the feet right. (Or the ears.) That's one reason why I love writing so much--I can verbally describe the people I see in my mind way, way better than I can draw them.

    What do I want to learn how to do? Mmmmmmm . . .

    1. Learn Polish. (I know that sounds funny. But it's for my historical research. I want to research Polish immigration to the U.S. and it would be awful handy if I actually knew the language.)
    2. Write six different stories at once--AMEN, SISTER. ;)
    3. Cook. Like, really cook. I can only cook kinda-sorta, and it irks me a bit. (Mostly it's cause I've been sooooooooo busy with school that I haven't had time to learn.)

    1. Learning Polish? It would probably serve you well at some point. Languages always do, which is why I'm upset I never learned one. I ought to get on that...

  8. I want to learn Spanish. And I really want to learn photography - a bit like yourself with this one.

    As for anything that involves drawing ... erm, nope. That is a lost cause for me :)
    Anne x