Ratty & Mole Gift Exchange!

Hullo, all of you darlings! Want to be part of something quintessentially vintage, Christmas, creative, and lovely? Let me introduce you to my pet project, in conjuction my friend, Ratty (or as you might know her, Charity Klicka).

Friends made in the "blogosphere" are friends indeed. I firmly believe that and, having an excellent track record of actually meeting quite a few of my "virtual friends," I feel that I can speak in authority. I wanted to let you all know that one such real-life friend and I are arranging a holiday gift exchange for all of us who would love to spread the holly-jolly, bless someone from afar, and make new friends or deepen relationships with old ones. As there is already an excellent post explaining everything, I'm going to now send you across the web to the official site for 2015's Ratty & Mole Gift Swap and let you check it out. Please sign up! We would love to have each and every one of you! You don't have to know any of these people previously. All you have to do is love Christmas, commit to sending a gift, and let the magic have its way. You have till November 15th to decide and sign up. 

Cheers To You All! 

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