Join The Brekky Club!

Misery loves company. So does breakfast. Over the last year and a half, CarmelJenny Freitag, a couple other friends and I have kept up an unofficial breakfast club. If we come up with a particularly good and healthy breakfast, we will snap a picture and post it on Instagram under "#brekkyclub." Not only has this been an easy and organized way to brag about having good groceries in the house, but it also has helped to inspire one another.

I'm not easily inspired by breakfast, as I've expressed before. But I'm too clever a person to skip breakfast, knowing that skipping such an important meal makes me ravenously hungry the rest of the day and prone to making worse choices. So #brekkyclub is pretty much a life-saver for me. Really, the only requirements for being part of the #brekkyclub is that your meal is at least mostly healthy, nicely arranged and, of course, hashtagged. I find it amusing, all the ways we've found to use social media. Who thought we'd ever be logging onto an app to see what our friends are eating for breakfast? Still, if it solves the conundrum of what the heck I should eat for breakfast, I'm more than willing to give it a go. Following are some of the best of the breakfasts shared the past year. Regrettably, Carmel's would show no embed code, so you might click on the hashtag here to view the #brekkyclub feed on Instagram! Here's to another year of even better morning food choices.

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  1. Gosh, that looks good! I want the cupcake :)

    My favorite thing for breakfast is bagel with butter and honey, and MUFFINS :)

  2. As the "founder" of #thebrekkyclub, of course I approve of this. The more the merrier! ;)

    And as for breakfast, it's my favorite thing. Anything having to do with it, I'm probably a fan of. ^.^

    1. Also, mine probably aren't showing since my account is private. But if you want to try me, I'm :)