Thursday, October 8, 2015

Steal Her Style: Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel. Who doesn't know who this girl is, at least by sight? I'm pretty sure Zooey single-handedly ruined the rest of us for ever trying to master the dress + bangs + lipstick combo as well as she has. I've never seen a single thing in which Zooey  has acted (except, apparently, Elf. But I don't remember her role in that movie, so I don't count it.), and even I know about her and count her one of my style-icons. She's a brunette with light eyes, dark hair, and a quirky personality. I think we match pretty well. The key components of Zooey's classic looks are the following:

Bright Lipstick + Generous Mascara:

Perky Pony-Tail or Loose Waves:

Committed, Bright Colors And/Or Bold Patterns:

Classic Silhouettes:

When I look at Zooey's style, I feel like we would be amazingly good friends and I like that. I don't get "I'm sexy and I know it" from Zooey. I get "life is a party and if we don't hurry up we'll be late for the cake." And someone who's worried about missing cake is my kinda girl. I replicated Zooey's style for a happy Monday outfit, throwing on a bold skirt, feminine blouse, a sudden belt, and a pair of coordinating yet pattern-crossing heels. Please don't acknowledge the dorky poses. It's a lot harder to emulate the woman who coined what "adorkable" looks like without actually looking like a legitimate idiot yourself. My sister tried to help me...I think we just complicated the matter. The outfit, darlings. It's all about the outfit.

^^ By the end of the shoot, I'd laughed so hard my eyes were tearing up....which is pretty much the point of Zooey Deschanel. So next time you're facing a long workday, an uncomfortable conversation, a stressful week at work, or just a normal Monday, try channeling your inner "New Girl" and see how much better you feel. Thanks, Zooey, for showing the world the colorful side of every opportunity! 


  1. I love those colors on you :) And it's so true! Dressing up with your own personal favorite styles always makes a hard day easier. (Like, I wore one of my nicest dresses on Tuesday 'cause I had a midterm exam that afternoon, and it helped a LOT. Seriously, it did. :) )

  2. I love love this outfit! Zooey is so cute and I think you've perfectly captured her style :)

  3. Aww your so cute, and your outfit is very Zooey.

  4. You did such a great job channeling your inner Zooey! I can absolutely see her wearing that outfit :)

    I've never seen anything with her in it either, haha, so you're not alone :-)

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