Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bed Head: Four Steps To No-Heat Waves

When it comes to style, I walk a middle line. I love to look nice but I don't have forty minutes to spend with the curling wand every morning. I don't even have twenty minutes to spend with the flat-iron. Not to mention the fact that even with the protective sprays available these days, heat is still damaging to hair and I shy away from using curling irons, flat-irons, and even the blow dryer except when I'm in a pinch or want to treat myself to a new look. Some friends and blog followers have asked how I do my hair, what product I use, and how I manage my bangs (do they not notice I can't manage my bangs?). Others find it difficult to believe that I don't do anything to my hair to get it to wave the way it does. This is partially my hair type, which tends to be wavy already, but has more to do with my not-so-secret and very, very simple trick for getting no-heat waves. I like to call it Bed-Head and using this technique, you will honestly be able to say, "I woke up like this."

I couldn't find my actual camera and as I was truly headed to bed, I didn't feel like taking the stairs and going on a hunt for the camera at 11:30 PM. Instead, you get no-makeup taken with my selfie-setting on my phone. Woo-hoo! Still, the legitimacy of these photos ought to convince you to try it yourself and see if Bed-Head will be your new swear-by!

Step One: Start with damp, clean hair. Wait until your hair is 70-80% dry (or blow-dry it on a cool setting, like I did).
Step Two: Separate bangs (if you have them) from the rest of your hair, then twist the majority of your hair into a knot as high up on your head as you can. Pin up any strands that fall down. Comb your bangs gently up and back and pin in place.
Step Three: Sleep in it overnight, or if you are wearing you hair like this for the day, proceed as usual.
Step Four: Take down, ruffle through with your hands, and if your hair doesn't take well to curls, spritz lightly with a flexible hold hairspray.

That's it. If I don't have the time or inclination to use the bed-head method, I usually spritz a little sea-salt spray by the Not Your Mother's brand and let my curls/waves air-dry. Try this simple method out and see if it works for you! If so, I would love to see a picture. Just tag me on Twitter (@Rachelswhimsy) or on Instagram (@lipstickandgelato) or leave a comment telling me how  it worked (or not). Cheers, and may the humidity ever be in your favor!


  1. I know exactly what you mean--when I had bangs, I used to brush them, while wet, into a curly sort of shape and then let them dry, and they would pretty much stay curled for the next 24 hours. Then I grew them out because I decided I wanted some variety :) But I still have to be careful how I brush my hair while it's wet, or it may look very funny the next day because it tends to stay in whatever shape it's dried in.

    1. The perks of having straight funny-drying techniques to be mastered! :D

  2. What I do to get wavy hair overnight is a double French twist on semi damp hair, and it has the same effect. I have to take pretty drastic measures on mine because it is a bit crazy if I don't. ;) I have naturally curly hair. :)

    1. That sounds lovely, Melinda! You should do a post sometime!



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