Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beach Babe: Swimsuit Review

Those who want to judge are much more apt to assess my healthfulness based on the number on the inside of my bathing suit versus the number on the paperwork from my doctor's lab. They believe the measure of a healthy woman is the measure of her thighs.
-Nicole Jankowski

There's this whole brouhaha every summer over bathing-suit bodies, and how bathing-suit bodies shouldn't be a thing, and how every version of bathing suit bodies are beautiful. Nicole Jankowksi (who, by the way, is not what I would call even remotely "fat") wrote a humorous and thought-provoking article: "The Fat Girl in a Green Bathing Suit." And while I empathize/agree, I'm just over here all size 14 and curvy thinking, "I really just want a bathing suit that is modest, cute, fits, and has a skirt so I can save three inches of shave-time." Priorities, peoples. And I am willing to pay for those priorities. This summer I decided to go for a full-price bathing suit and chose one from British company Simply Be, which I had heard about through one of my style inspirations, Girl With Curves. I loved the fact that their swimwear is designed with curvaceous women in mind which means that any style would be mainly flattering on me. The swimsuit came, the big try-on happened...and I was in love with my vintage-inspired bathing suit. 

I have a funny story: I haven't gotten comfortable with pretending to be a top model in front of the camera so when my sister agreed to snap the photos for this post (quickly, because there was jet-skiing at stake), we hurried down to the riverbank. I hadn't factored in the twenty people drifting about, all quite at leisure to watch her take photos of me. So if the lighting isn't perfect, please blame my intense desire to get these photos finished as quickly as possible. Thanks. Now back to bathing suits.

I'm a huge fan of the empire-waist, bandeau-style top and the swooshy skirt of the style I chose. It's a swimdress that makes me feel like a beach babe, which is important when you're confronted in photos later with the fact that a bathing dress ain't no spanx. But you know what? It's okay that I've got extra fluff. My body is beautiful and Simply Be has designed a wide array of swimwear that helps remind me of that fact every time I head to the beach or one of Virginia's many beautiful rivers.  

I was in no way asked, prompted, or sponsored by SimplyBe to do this review and wrote this review out of the goodness of my heart (and the fact I really do adore my swimsuit). So here's to every kind of beach-body, to dressing well, and to being flung off an inner-tube and somersaulting three times before resurfacing. Happy August!

Swimdress: SimplyBe
Hat: {gifted}


  1. That swimdress is adorable on you!

    I got the SimplyBe catalog in the mail for a while, and always loved their clothes, though I never ordered anything.

  2. Rachel, you are beautiful!

    I love that swimsuit....I honestly can't stand bikinis even if you are bone skinny it still makes me want to hurl when they walk by....

    I'm sorry I'm commenting so much just love your blog so much!



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