Sunday, July 12, 2015

Modern Cinderella

As a little girl, did you ever wish to be Cinderella? Who's to say you are too old now? I don't think you can ever grow too old to wear a crown, even if it is just a mental one. I've been to see Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella (2015) three times in the theatre and hope to receive it as a birthday gift. It's pure magic.I can't get enough of the passionate score by Patrick Doyle, the casting of Lily James as the title character, Cait Blanchett's portrayal of the step mother, or the overwhelmingly-pretty set and costume design. It is an unapologetically trusting film and suits my soul well. Is it surprising, then, that I would have to create an outfit inspired by Ella herself? For the Modern Cinderella, I've pulled together a few favorite pieces, thrown in a little bright lighting, and let the romanticism flow. Shades of blue, long, loose hair, flowing lines and girliness everywhere: these are the components of Cinderella's classic look and ones I tried to emulate in the style I designed below. 
Ella: "They're all looking at you."
Prince Kit: "Believe me - they're all looking at you."

jazz-spazz in front of the self-timer

I don't own glass slippers (more's the pity!) so lace will have to do.

For this look, try a nice winged liner (I love Maybelline's Lasting Drama eye-lining gel)

Shoes: Payless
Necklace: A gift

// Outtakes //

Rachel Goes To An Over-Processed Disco-Dance And Utterly Fails:


That's it, darlings. And remember: "Have courage and be kind."


  1. That combination of lace shrug and lace shoes is just rather perfect. Way more practical than glass, anyway.

    1. Janie, thank you! And yes, lace is more practical than glass...though I would still never turn down a chance to own a pair of glass slippers...

  2. 💙Love your outfit!💙 Sadly😔 I didn't see the new Cinderella movie, but I can't wait to get it on DVD!!

  3. Cinderella is my favorite princess!!!!!

    I counted down the days to go see it!

    The only thing is I didn't get to see the dress transformation! My little sister had to use the restroom so....

    I'm really looking forward to the movie coming out!!!! Ahhh!



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