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I find blank spaces addicting. No, not the Taylor Swift song (although, hey, gotta love those Starbucks-lovers!), but the idea of a fresh start, completely unhindered by past mistakes. 

I’ve blogged for years.

Okay. Let’s be honest. By “blogged” I mean “stumbled around the internet spewing words and ideas" since the age of fifteen or sixteen. I posted poorly-photographed recipe posts and stories, and argued about the Civil War, participated in senseless tags and tacky blog awards, kept track of family events, too much randomness, and tried to pin down deep thoughts. Eventually I grew up and began taking my fiction-writing seriously enough to move all things pertaining to that into its own blogspace: The Inkpen Authoress. When I graduated highschool I discarded the old patchwork affair I had called a blog and worked on a new one...or two. Maybe even three. Let’s call my young blogging style...unfocused.

I don’t mean to give the impression that everything I wrote in those years of blogging was terrible. Some posts were actually pretty great and if the others lacked in good sense, at least they helped me make sense of those transitional years between being a girl and becoming a woman.
But of course growing into my adult self brought fresh interests and dreams...among these: having a new brand and new blog: something that brought some of my nicer passions (food, fashion, art, people) under one pretty roof: a giant celebration of the joy to be found in everyday life.
For a long time I told myself, “I’ll wait till I get married and have my own home. Don’t you know how hard it would be to have a food blog with ten people in the house?”
“You can’t run a style blog off mirror selfies. You’d have to find someone to take pictures.”
“Your art isn’t good enough. You aren’t Inslee Haynes for pete’s sake!”
But here’s the thing: I’m not the hugest fan of waiting for perfect conditions to chase dreams.I live at home with my parents and siblings. I write novels to fill my hunger for words and work as a nanny (which pays more) to fill my hunger for other things. My life has this way of seeming to change not at all while changing all at once. God is really good with paradoxes and likes to surprise me.
Conditions in my life have rarely been “perfect” when I’ve reached for dreams. Why did I let that hold me back in this case? The longer I thought about it, the more I realized how silly it was to wait for what I call “the all-elusive Someday” to work towards this goal of being a real blogger. So I went to Walmart after the worst day of work ever (tremble, peasants) and bought a sketchbook and G2 pens. In that sketchbook I started work with a logo and a blog name and a defiant little piece of art that wasn’t Inslee Haynes, but was very much Rachel Heffington. And in that sketchbook was born the outline of this blog, Lipstick & Gelato.

What You’ll Find On The Blog

Recipes: In the Kitchen, on the Gelato side of the house I share all things edible: recipes new and old, hole-in-the-wall spots for a fine meal, foodie friendships, cooking challenges and more.

Fashion: In the Closet (or Lipstick gallery) I talk about style, beauty, dressing my ‘curvy’ body gracefully, and all things related to looking your best. Some of my inspirations style-wise are Audrey Hepburn, Amy Adams, Tanesha Awasthi, Kate Spade, Zooey Deschanel, classic and vintage silhouettes, and rich colors.

Art: My art is...all around! From fashion-sketches to food illustration, to quick sketches done on the sly under the nose of a snobby Starbucks barista, I throw my art into this blog the way I fit it into daily life: here and there, in all the nooks and crannies.

Beautiful Messes: Just a fair warning.

Thanks for dropping by. You’re welcome here! We talk real bodies and real people, real food and real stories. We talk lipstick and gelato and fish tacos and high heels. Basically, we talk life and how to live it creatively. Sound like something you’d enjoy? Welcome to the Lipstick & Gelato family. Sit down and forget about a working on your thigh gap. We celebrate more important things.

       Rachel Heffington

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