Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Casual in Cobalt

I'm a fan of going bold with my colors. There are photos of me somewhere in circulation wearing a black and neon yellow maxi skirt paired with a purple floral top and neon yellow necklace to finish the statement. I'm still not sorry for it.

When I saw these cobalt-blue pants at Ross, I knew they must be mine. There is something about a deep, sincere shade of blue that speaks to my fashion sense. It's unapologetic, classic, and committed. Plus, it's just fun to wear. 

What would you call this shirt? I'm thinking "hanky" is the general idea. My "hanky-top" is a summer favorite, bought second-hand at Plato's Closet. They're such snobs at those consignment shops, but since I occasionally find favorite things there, I bear the snobbery. I can afford to buy new clothes now, but I can't escape the fact that a blouse in perfect condition second-hand is half the price of a blouse in perfect condition brand new. So as frequently as my (very full) schedule permits me, I haunt second-hand shops. All except shoes. I despise buying shoes someone else's foot has already formed. It's like sleeping with someone else's pillow as soon as they get out of bed. Unthinkable.

To complete this breezy look, I omitted jewelry of any sort and threw on my favorite pair of sandals to give the impression of having just sauntered in after a morning at the oceanfront. It's a false impression, but a pleasant one! Milkmaid rope-braids and a very simple "face" of light powder, light blush, and eyeshadow in shades of pink pairs well with a lip of Avon's Ultra Color Absolute in "Lovely Fuschia." 



(And because I can't pose for photos without thinking, "One Grecian urn," you get one outtake.)

What is one piece you can't dress your summer without? Leave a comment below and let's chat!

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  1. Can you post a milkmaid braids tutorial? I always get a bulge by the beginning of each braid when I go to pin them up and it drives me NUTS.



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