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St. Giles and the Chocolate Burren - Travel Stories From Ireland Pt. 2

All my many apologies for how long an absence I've taken, both from blogging in general and from sharing stories about Ireland. It's now approaching nine or ten months since our trip and we still haven't covered even a fraction of all the stories there are to tell. Still, with the weather taking an autumnal turn this week I'm full-up on nostalgia for Ireland and I decided to brush off, finish, and post this story of one of my favorite characters we encountered the whole trip. To read the first travel-stories post, click here!

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello! It's been a while since I've served up a recipe, hasn't it? Summer has come on in full strength and with it brought a number of life changes. I'm excited about all of them, and eager to begin to share them with you. It's funny - the older I get, the less likely I am to share things immediately. There are some things in life that are just nice to keep to yourself for a while, then decide to share when the time is right. One of the pieces of news I can spill is that I'm no longer working at Four Eleven York, which probably will come as a surprise to many of you.

The Merits of Dining Alone

"Waiters are seldom socialists." - George Orwell

As a perpetually single woman, I often eat alone. In new cities, in my own city, in small towns that are barely incorporated, let alone gentrified. At this point I am accustomed to the occasional condescending looks, to announcing I’d like a reservation for one, to being ignored by the waitstaff and given the absolute worst table. Of course it is arguably more fun to eat in company, but I have learned to enjoy aspects of solo dining. Barring a few uncomfortable situations which could potentially arise, there are a multitude of perks to independent meals.

Southern Summer Heat: An Existential Crisis

Today we experienced the first really really flesh-crawlingly hot day of the summer. I feel like the month of May starts off by tricking me into thinking I love the summer - the produce and the colors, the long evenings and the everything-blooming-or-green. And then. Oh then. So I wrote about the "then" in an effort to remind myself. I wonder: does anyone else become irrationally, out-of-control grouchy when the summer heat hits? Consider this the official frenemy-status with summertime you never even asked for...

Homemade Potato & Ricotta Gnocchi

Wow, y'all. An insane space of time passes between blog posts and when you finally try to report back and remind your long-suffering readers that you're actually still alive and cooking, the list of things you've been doing while away sounds pretty trivial. Between last blog post and this I have:
  • gotten a terrific sunburn on my first beach day of the year
  • gone strawberry pickin' and got the best strawberry ice cream in the state of Virginia (hollering at ya, College Run Farms!) 
  • taken an abysmal trip to the aquarium by myself